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Biography: Mauro Vianello

Mauro Vianello
Mauro Vianello

Living in Murano has made it easy for Mauro Vianello to fall in love with sea creatures. He is inspired by the range and variety of colors of the very creatures found in the sea. He aims to recreate the vibrancy of those colors in glass and, like many others, is inspired by the work of Rudolf and Leopold Blaschka. His studies of the precision and accuracy of these well-known artists inspire him to create the most realistic representations of these creatures that he can. Vianello also admires the brilliance of the patterns and creations found in the ocean waters. His own continuous search for perfection takes place in his studio in Venice, where he creates his own work and teaches diverse techniques. He has also taught in private ateliers and Universities such as the Lorenzo de Medici Institute in Italy and the Pittsburgh Glass Center in the United States.