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Biography: Mike Mangiafico

Mike Mangiafico
Mike Mangiafico

Bees search a flower for pollen; ants busily crawl in and out of their ant hill; a caterpillar inches along a green leaf; and colorful beetles bask on a rock. These delicate glass insects are all the works of flameworker Michael Mangiafico. Also known for his unique beads, marbles, and sculpture, Mangiafico employs blowing, casting, flameworking, and cold working techniques to sculpt glass into realistic and detailed mini sculptures. “The task of observing and looking at nature is what molds me and shapes my art,” he explains.

Mangiafico earned his BFA in Glass Art from Carnegie Mellon University in 1985. He founded FIG Studios in 1996 in Pittsburgh where he lives and works. He has taught flameworking and glassblowing at the Pittsburgh Glass Center, the Pilchuck Glass School in Washington, Touchstone Center for Crafts in Pennsylvania, and the Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina.