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Biography: Moshe Bursuker

Moshe Bursuker
Moshe Bursuker

Moshe Bursuker holds two Bachelor’s degrees from Hartford Art School at the University of Hartford in sculpture and photography. He has studied and taught classes at The Studio at The Corning Museum of Glass, Pilchuck Glass School, and Penland School of Crafts. Currently, Bursuker lives in New York, where he incorporates photography and glass in his sculptures and installations. His artwork has been presented at numerous art shows, including the SOFA Exposition in Chicago, Baltimore Wholesale Markets of the American Craft Council, Buyers Market of American Craft in Philadelphia, and the Architectural Digest Home design show and many others. Bursuker began his line of art lighting after working with some of New York City’s best artists, designers and architects on various glass lighting installations.

In his April 2007 Residency at The Studio, Bursuker explored the relationship between glass sculpture and photography, and worked to integrate the two media in a way that “enhanced both forms of artistic expression.” He believes that “glass has the ability to take photography into the three-dimensional realm, and that photography can highlight the more lucid qualities of glass.” He used his Residency to further expand his body of work, experimenting with blowing, sculpting, casting, and fusing to increase its complexity and scale, and creating architectural and site-specific artwork.

During the September 2014 Instructor Collaborative Residency with Jamie Harris, the artists developed a series combining Harris’ interest in color and pattern and Bursuker’s enthusiasm for image and form. The collaborative work is the result of experimentation to develop a unique joint style as they “mash-up” their approaches to the material.