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Biography: Nada Kallas

Nada Kallas

Dr. Nada Kallas is a recipient of the 2020 Rakow Grant for Glass Research for the project “The Glass of the Roman Necropolis of Beirut (1st–3rd century): Typology and Funeral Rites.” Dr. Kallas will examine more than 1,500 glass objects from 20 funeral sites excavated in Beirut by the Lebanese General Direction of Antiquities in collaboration with Lebanese University.

“The city of Beirut is located in a regional setting known for a remarkable concentration of glassware production established either by ancient texts or by archeology,” she notes. In her proposal Dr. Kallas emphasizes the importance of the project for developing a new typology as well as conducting a functional study of the use and deposition of objects known from graves. “The considerable number of the glass set, coming from hundreds of tombs (whose context is dated by currency, ceramic, or other dating element), would obviously support or modify the dates offered by other sites in Lebanon” and elsewhere in the eastern Roman world. Furthermore, her study will examine the rituals and cult of death in the Roman east by examining the arrangement and function of objects in tombs. 

Dr. Kallas is Assistant Professor in Archaeology at Lebanese University in Beirut, Lebanon.