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Biography: Nancy Sutcliffe

Nancy Sutcliffe
Nancy Sutcliffe

When an idea hits, Nancy Sutcliffe draws it to help her visualize it better. She is fascinated how precise detailing can influence the art form. Engraving is Sutcliffe’s way of giving her ideas a more realistic and 3-D representation. She also gilds the engravings with silver or gold leaf, if the piece so demands. “I flesh out every idea I have because you don’t really get to know what works until you make it,” she says. Sutcliffe creates a lot of faces, insects, and figures in her work.

Sutcliffe worked as a medical illustrator before becoming a glass engraver. She specializes in drill engraving, and has taught this technique in the U.K. (West Dean College), Germany (Bild-werk Frauenau), and most recently, in Sweden (Boda Glasbruk). Sutcliffe exhibits internationally in museums and galleries in Europe, United Arab Emirates, Japan, and the United States. She was the Wimbledon Championship Artist. She has work in public and private collections and has been elected a fellow of the Guild of Glass Engravers.