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Biography: Nathan Sandberg

Nathan Sandberg

Nathan Sandberg creates glass panes that are full of movement and repeated patterns that gently guide the viewer’s eyes through the work. He currently runs his own studio out of his home in Portland, Oregon, where he works with kiln cast glass as well as other art materials. “Our world is complex,” said Sandberg. “And I realize that occasionally we simply need a pleasant view in order to escape some of the ugliness and take our self somewhere healthier, even if only for a moment.”

After graduating with a BFA in glass and ceramics from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Sandberg worked at private glassblowing studios while independently furthering his education in kiln glass. In 2005, he moved to Oregon and began working at Bullseye Glass Company as a full-time instructor. Sandberg’s work has received critical recognition through awards, exhibitions, and art fairs, including Glazen Huis in Lommel, Belgium, and SOFA Chicago.

Sandberg worked with Gabriela Wilson as part of an Instructor Collaborative Residency at The Studio in September 2019. The duo explored the traditional hot shop methods of pulling cane to compare and contrast the process with Vitrigraph methods.