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Biography: Nisha Bansil

Nisha Bansil
Nisha Bansil

Nisha Bansil’s work is an exploration of pattern, form, and structure. Living in the woods, she is inspired by observations made in her environment, such as light and shadow in the trees and plants, decay and growth in the life cycles on the forest floor, and the progress of time in the geology of the area. She collects evidence of these cycles through skins, bones, mushrooms, leaves, rocks, and fossils.

“In my studio, these forms are deconstructed and reassembled to further investigate their underlying structures,” Bansil says. “Like the tessellated patterns found in Islamic architecture, my work strives to meld natural phenomena with geometric form.”

Bansil graduated from the State University of New York at New Paltz with a BFA in printmaking in 2001. Since then, she has assisted artist Denise Stillwaggon Leone, and has been a teaching assistant for many classes at The Studio. In 2011, Bansil completed an Instructor Collaborative Residency with Dan Mirer. She currently resides in East Meredith, N.Y.

During her October 2016 residency at The Studio, she focused on casting standing wave patterns created by the resonant frequencies of glass. “Resonance is particularly interesting because everything in our observable universe vibrates at its own unique frequency,” she says. “When stimulated externally the oscillations become large and can be observed.”

Bansil used the time to explore and understand the visual connections between the patterns created by this phenomena, and the patterns created by sacred geometry.