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Biography: Pamela Sabroso

Pamela Sabroso
Pamela Sabroso

Through playful forms, Pamela Sabroso’s collaborative work with Alison Siegel challenges common expectations of the possibilities of glass as a medium. Sabroso and Siegel are very good friends who encourage and inspire creativity in each other. Sometimes that means letting go of an idea the other doesn’t like. Through these discussions they have found a unique voice where their glass sculptures evoke a sense of an alternative nature where the rules of the environment that we are used to no longer apply. “Glassblowing is really challenging, but fun,” said Sabroso. “I think that's why I continued to pursue it—to get better. I feel lucky to make a living doing something I enjoy doing so much.”

Sabroso earned a BFA in crafts and material Studies from Virginia Commonwealth University. Shortly after, she moved to Brooklyn, N.Y., where she currently lives and works as a freelance glassblowing assistant and fabricator. She met Alison Siegel in Brooklyn in 2012, and they began collaborating in 2014. They find that working together allows more freedom into their artistic practice, and they encourage each other to take risks and try new things. They have been featured in Glass Quarterly and New Glass Review 39. Their most recent solo exhibition, Stranger Together, was at Heller Gallery in 2017.

For their April 2019 residency at The Studio of the Corning Museum of Glass, they worked across studios to create new glass pieces that were more complex, abstract, and experimental than what they’ve created previously.