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Biography: Penelope Rakov

Penelope Rakov

Penelope Rakov has been a ceramics teacher, pottery instructor, and, for the last 10 years, has taught glassblowing at glass schools across the country. With a BFA in ceramics and glass from Alfred University and her MFA in glass from Temple University, Rakov has a broad education in the complexities of glass across many disciplines. With access to The Studio’s hot shops, cold-working and flame studios, and kiln time, Rakov will fully explore every aspect of the glassmaking process.

During her residency in November 2018, Rakov focused her attention on the process of constructing murrine, hoping to “reconsider what it means to bring an object to completion.” With her own technique for bundling colored cane, Rakov studies the heating and cooling process, taking meticulous record of the changes in pressure and the points that certain colors fuse together. Rakov finds beauty in each individual piece of murrine, before the eventual finished vessel or sculpture they might become. Through a system of pulling, bundling, pulling, and bundling again, Rakov reveals a story of “infinite retelling.”

“Each pull yields beautiful waste excess,” she says. “With this excess, I will carve into the thick mounds of patterned glass color. I will create these into handheld objects with which the viewer can interact.”



Upcoming Classes

Bundle of glass cane to be fused, pulled, and cut into murrines.
October 30 - 31, 2021 9:00am to 4:00pm