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Biography: Quinn Luestner

Quinn Luestner
Quinn Luestner

Quinn Luestner is a contemporary artist focused on producing beautifully-designed functional and sculptural objects in hot glass and paintings on flat glass windows, panels and tiles. Her daily studio practice involves many different glassworking processes, including glassblowing at the furnace, flameworking and painting with glass enamels. Luestner primarily uses a durable glass composition called borosilicate, which is formed hot over the flame of a torch. The durability of borosilicate glass allows Luestner to fabricate delicate-looking hollow beads, which are tougher than they seem. Luestner often uses borosilicate glass to fashion objects such as figurines and wine glasses, and integrates other types of glass in her work.

She currently lives on the Fleurieu coast in South Australia with her Australian husband and son.