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Biography: Randy Walker

Randy Walker

After graduating from Oklahoma State University, Randy Walker found his way to Pilchuck Glass School in 1989, where he took classes, and has worked every summer as a faculty member or craftsman. In 1992, he began working for artist William Morris, where he would later meet Ross Richmond, with whom he’ll be completing an Instructor Collaborative Residency at The Studio in 2016.

William Morris encouraged teamwork and “working outside the box,” Richmond said. Following Morris’ retirement in 2007, Walker and Richmond rented the Pilchuck Glass School during the off season to make their own work until 2014. Last year, they co-taught a class at the Chrysler Museum of Glass and collaborated on a demo piece called Sunset Birch.

With a mutual respect for each other’s work, Walker and Richmond worked together in 2016 for the first time on a body of work that combined both of their strengths of color, form, and the ability to push the boundaries of glass as a material.

Walker’s work is based in nature while Richmond’s work focuses on sculpting realistic figures adorned with color and pattern. During their residency, they combined these two themes to create figures with colors and objects from nature.

Walker teaches many workshops throughout the U.S., as well as in Canada, Japan, and New Zealand. His work is exhibited in the U.S., Canada, and France. He currently resides in Bellingham, Wash.