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Biography: Šárka Jonášová

Šárka Jonášová

Šárka Jonášová, a student at the Institute of Geology, Czech Academy of Sciences, in Prague, was awarded a Rakow Grant for Glass Research. She is conducting an archaeometric survey of luxury and utilitarian glasses found in a cesspit at Salm palace in Prague.

The finds themselves are well documented, but their chemical composition and production technology are not. Among the luxury glasses found at the palace are two unusual opaque blue jugs, an engraved goblet, richly decorated stems of three beakers made in Venetian style, and the so-called Venetian mirror. “The most precious finding,” Jonášová says, “is a richly decorated glass knob or a brooch for which only cursory analysis was made.”

The everyday glasses unearthed at the palace include various forms of bottles, such as tetrahedral examples in several colors. Various analytical techniques — SEM/EDS, SEM/WDS, Raman spectroscopy, and LA-ICP-MS — will be used to study these glasses. Sampling will be performed at the Prague Castle, Institute of Archaeology, Czech Academy of Sciences; and the analytical research will be conducted at the academy’s Institute of Geology. The analyses are expected to be published in 2016.

“An archaeometric survey of well documented and time classifiable vessels, shards, and other finds allows for monitoring the development of Czech glassmaking,” the researcher explains. “The analyses will strengthen the informative value of the finds because the chemical composition of the glass ... completes the historical profile of the particular objects.”

Jonášová studied at the Secondary Professional Glass School in Nový Bor, Czech Republic, and the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague.