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Biography: Robert Comploj

Man with short brown tousseled hair and black-framed glasses wears a black v-neck t-shirt and stands with his arms crossed. Slightly in front of him and to his left are a bunch of clear glass balls hanging from wires.
Robert Comploj

Combining old Venetian techniques and modern Scandinavian aesthetics, Robert Comploj uses cutting-edge methods to create glass objects with modern designs and bold colors. Nevertheless, their shapes are also influenced by various topical themes broached by contemporary artists, as well as by the social trends of our times. All of his pieces testify to his journey to create superlative studio glass and to bring his punk-style to the craft.

Comploj ventured out of his native Austria to learn glassblowing, spending years honing his skills in Murano, Italy; London, England; Sæby, Denmark; Hagen, Germany; and Corning, N.Y. He considers his experiences at The Studio with Eric Meek, Bill Gudenrath, and Elio Quarisa to be the most influential to his growth as a glassblower. Back in his native Austria, he revolutionized the local glassblowing scene—making a name for himself on the way—by introducing new techniques and colors as well as experimenting with the form and structure of glass. Since 2013, he has founded and owned Glashütte Comploj, an exhibition workshop and gallery in Vienna, Austria. His works have earned a number of awards and can be seen in galleries in New York, London, and Berlin.