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Biography: Robin Brailsford

Robin Brailsford
Robin Brailsford

Mosaic artist Robin Brailsford likes to think big. Her public art installations are in places such as the Los Angeles public transit system, Pioneer Modernism Park (Lemon Grove, Calif.), Desert National Wildlife Refuge Visitors Center (Las Vegas, Nev.), and other public spaces around the country. When designing a site-specific work, Brailsford studies the history of a place. “I look for the potential in people, places and things,” she says. To help her realize that potential, Brailsford invented LithoMosaics, a technique that allows artists to design and create large-scale mosaics in their studios and then transfer them to the installation site in one piece.

Besides mosaics, Brailsford has explored a wide range of media and techniques throughout her career including sculpture, metalsmithing, and glassblowing. She has earned degrees from Syracuse University and the University of New Mexico (Albuquerque), and is the founder and director of Public Address, a public art advocacy group.