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Biography: Ruth Eve Jackson-Tal

Ruth Eve Jackson-Tal

Ruth Eve Jackson-Tal, a researcher in the Glass Department of the Israel Antiquities Authority, examined new evidence from many excavations in Syro-Palestine and re-evaluate the role of the region as a glass production center during the late Hellenistic period.

Jackson-Tal earned her M.A. in archaeology from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem in 2000. Her thesis was titled “The Hellenistic Glass Finds in the Land of Israel in Light of the Excavations at Maresha and Dor.” For her study of Syro-Palestinian excavations, she planned to analyze the archaeological contexts of the sites, the typology of the glass vessels, and comparative material from the Levant and Mediterranean region.

“Since the pioneer researches ... written more than 20 years ago, a period during which several major Hellenistic sites (Maresha, Yavne-Yam, Jaffa, Dor, Akko, and others) were excavated, an updated research, based on finds from well-dated contexts, is needed,” she wrote. “Many of the new excavated sites contain destruction layers absolutely dated to the Hasmonean conquest and, as such, provide a fixed chronological frame for the glass vessels.” Jackson-Tal’s project was to provide an updated database containing all of the bibliographical and typological information from the various excavations (including that in Hebrew, which she says is often neglected).