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Biography: Æsa Björk Thorsteinsdóttir

Æsa Björk Thorsteinsdóttir

Æsa Björk Thorsteinsdóttir, from Bergen, Norway, combines research and techniques from diverse fields in her work and is often influenced by her interest in philosophy, science, and music. She is currently an artistic advisor for S12 Gallery and workshop in Bergen. She exhibits internationally and her work is represented in museum collections in Oslo and Bergen.

Her 2006 residency at The Studio of The Corning Museum of Glass allowed her to gather her thoughts about working with or dividing space and to experiment with practical challenges. She tested various methods of casting and mounting glass blinds, then created a combination of both permanent and fleeting images from video projection on multi-layered blinds.

Her work, SÝN II, was shown during the 2016 Glass Art Society Conference in Corning, N.Y. In Icelandic, SÝN can be understood both as the act of seeing and as a vision that can be understood literally, or as one pointing towards a more subconscious inner vision. The work shows "the act of breathing through a heavy load of solid glass spheres.”