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Biography: Sandy Dukeshire

Sandy Dukeshire

Cross pollinating elements from stained glass, fusing, and glassblowing blossomed into a love of attaching hot sculpted components onto blown work for Sandy Dukeshire. With over 20 years of experience, she believes in taking the time to deeply enjoy the creative process and that dedication will ultimately show in the final piece. “My hope would be that the work will convey the same joy I felt while making the piece, and folks will enjoy the work simply for what it is: something pretty,” said Dukeshire. Most of her work is organic by nature and driven by the development of personal expression. 

Dukeshire’s interest in glass started as a simple desire to learn stained glass as a hobby. Soon after, she began experimenting with the material, continuing to explore the artistic challenges of glass blowing and fusing in her current practice. The teaching of hundreds of workshops, including stepping stones, jewelry, glass fusing, stained glass, and glassblowing, has been a staple of her career.