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Biography: Scott Chaseling

Man with short gray-ish hair wearing safety glasses and a blue shirt is focused on an orange piece of glass in front of him.
Scott Chaseling

After earning his bachelor’s in sculpture from the South Australian College of the Arts, Scott Chaseling traveled widely developing new works in new locations through teaching, residencies, and workshops. An Australian artist, he has used glass as his primary medium for over 30 years. His work often combines many visual aesthetics, styles, techniques, and concepts to create traditionally shaped vases with contemporary colors and designs. “I don't like pigeon holes,” said Chaseling. “I'm always challenging myself through research and development of new ways to express through glass. I want the viewer to question not only the process but also the ideas behind the work.”

Chaseling is currently a Ph.D. candidate at The Australian National University’s School of Art & Design in the sculpture workshop. He has worked in Japan, England, France, and Germany, as part of the Leverhulme Research Fellowship, Wheaton Fellowship, and the Cité des International des Arts. He has earned numerous prizes and awards such as The Canberra Critics Circle award and the Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Award. Chaseling’s work is represented in many international museums and private collections including the Australian National Gallery, The Pergamon Museum, Germany; and 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Japan.