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Biography: Sidney Hutter

Sidney Hutter (Photo by Robert Peaden)
Sidney Hutter

Using commercial plate glass, adhesives that react to ultraviolet light, and vibrant pigments, artist Sidney Hutter creates mesmerizing sculptures that respond to light and movement. His vase-like sculptures are coldworked to create textures and shapes that result in unique color patterns. “My sculptures focus on both the exterior and the interior form of the vessel,” Hutter explains. “I describe volume on the outside, while portraying an interior landscape of color and light.”

Since Hutter founded Sidney Hutter Glass & Light in Massachusetts in 1980, his art and processes have become more technical and sophisticated. He has designed machines that allow him to work more efficiently; and his work with UV adhesives and pigments have taken him around the country. His sculptures are in museums and private collections around the country, including two in the collection of The Corning Museum of Glass.