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Biography: Tim Rogers

Tim Rogers
Tim Rogers

Tim Rogers was the former head of Glass Studies at the Harley School in Rochester, New York, where he taught flameworking to middle and upper school students. He has degrees in fine art and teaching, and has been working with glass for seven years. He now works and resides in California.

While working at The Studio in the summer of 2015, he and artist Simone Crestani created several prototypes for a potential 2016 Instructor Collaborative Residency at The Studio—which they did, in fact, receive. They realized there were many ways to expand on the work they only had a short time to create in 2015, and were excited to take advantage of the rare chance to combine their skills and creativity in unique ways in 2016. During their residency, they created large-scale hollow borosilicate sculptures with illustrated, etched surfaces. They combineed flameworking with hot shop equipment and techniques to create the sculptures before etching their chosen themes and designs into the surfaces.