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Biography: Umberto Veronesi

Umberto Veronesi

Umberto Veronesi is recipient of the 2021 Rakow Grant for Glass Research for the project “Colonial Jamestown and the roots of American glass making: An archaeological science approach.”  When Jamestown was founded in 1607, Virginia was seen as a land of unprecedented opportunity for economic gain and part of the settlers' efforts concentrated on making glass using local ingredients. However, as the life of the colony grew more turbulent, operations soon ceased and little is known of the very first glass produced in America. Through the scientific analysis of archaeological remains such as crucibles, furnace fragments, waste materials and finished objects, this project aims to reconstruct the details of glass technology at Jamestown, with specific attention to how the new environment of Virginia may have influenced established artisanal knowledge of the time, possibly triggering a departure from European traditions. Umberto Veronesi is a PhD candidate at UCL.