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Biography: Wesley Fleming

Wesley Fleming
Wesley Fleming

As a child in rural Pennsylvania, Wesley Fleming spent his days exploring the space beneath logs and rocks or reading science fiction. Today, he uses flameworking to mimic insects using glass, complete with intricate details on the tiny legs and thorax. Sometimes, he merges the fantastical with the real through choice of color palette or by referencing familiar images in a mythical work. Regardless of the end result, Fleming finds great joy in sculpting glass, witnessing the transformation of a brittle and cold substance to a molten and pliable material, then back to a solid form again.

Fleming began working hot glass at the furnace in 2001 and gained valuable experience working for Josh Simpson and the MIT Glass Lab. In 2005, he studied with Vittorio Costantini and Lucio Bubacco on the Venetian island of Murano. Upon gaining knowledge of the Italian technique of sculpting soft glass, Fleming focused his attention solely on creation in this medium, primarily making glass insects for the next two years. After becoming comfortable with these techniques, he began branching out to other parts of the animal kingdom.