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Biography: Yuka Otani

Yuka Otani
Yuka Otani

You might not look at glass and candy and think they have similar properties, but Yuka Otani does. “Those two materials share many characteristics,” she says. “But what if they are made into a unified object?” She hopes to find an answer to that question during her residency at The Studio.

A Rhode Island School of Design graduate, Otani has been experimenting with clear materials for quite some time. Inspired by glass, water, melted sugar, and light, Otani loves the elusiveness of the materials, and how they are poised for change.

Otani created a series of stemware with the stem and foot of each goblet made of cast clear glass, and the cup made of cast Isomalt, a sugar substitute produced from beet sugar. Regular hard candy is made of granulated sugar, and as such, holds a yellow tint when heated, but Isomalt has excellent transparency, matching that of clear glass. Otani explored how materials can seem present and absent at the same time.