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Cultivating Casting: Lost Wax Kiln Casting


July 13 - 24, 2020
Kiln Working
Two-Week Session

With the lost wax process, you can create anything. It offers a creative freedom and versatility to combine sculptural form, texture, and color with the luminous depth and dimension light gives to glass. It is a process that offers the time to grow, reflect, and work through challenges and problem-solving.

Students will create forms that explore the benefits of the lost wax process further. From thick to fine, with intricate detail and undercuts, students will create textures in a variety of scale and forms. This class will explore leaving behind the preconceived boundaries of what materials can’t do, being experimental, opening your mind to the excitement of new ideas and possibilities, and achieving your visions.

The instructor will introduce materials, tricks, and shortcuts to help students develop their skills in working with wax in all its forms—from a hot liquid to cold solid. The class will explore manipulation, construction, master molds, and surface treatments as they learn the capabilities of refractory materials, modifying them, and the advantages of different application methods and their outcomes.

An emphasis will be placed on working efficiently, recycling, minimizing waste, and reducing the need for finishing and cold working. Students will then concentrate on a project where they can apply their ideas and modify to interact more effectively with individual applications. Some previous glass experience is essential, so you have a basic understanding about glass compatibility. Advanced students are welcome.


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Evelyn Dunstan

Evelyn Dunstan works from her home studio in Auckland, New Zealand. Coming from an arts background, Dunstan found her niche with lost wax kiln casting in 2003, and has since explored the qualities...