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Glassmaking Classes at The Studio

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Thinking Through Cast Glass


August 31 - September 5, 2020
Kiln Working and Cold Working
One-Week Session

This class will assist students develop reflective skills for thinking through their own ideas, as well as process skills for cast- and cold-worked glass. The class will introduce a number of techniques and strategies for artists to help develop the reflective aspects of their practice. It will also focus on building skills in casting and cold working processes. Students will develop knowledge in creating molds for cast glass, advanced firing programs for forming glass, and cold shaping and finishing. Using the rich resources of The Corning Museum of Glass and Rakow Research Library, the class will analyze historical and contemporary works while assisting students in directing this knowledge towards their own work. Some glass kilnforming or sculpture studio experience is required.


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Richard Whiteley joined the Museum in October 2019 as the Senior Program Manager at The Studio, responsible for developing and managing new glassmaking programming.

Whiteley has spent his...