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Collection Sets

Collection Sets

Explore 35 centuries of glass art and scholarship with over 200,000 glass collection objects and items from the Rakow Research Library available in the integrated Glass Collection and Library Collection Databases. Search, save and keep notes in your own Collection Sets. Also, explore themed tours created by the Museum.

Fresnel Cube - Artwork
Water Jug - Artwork
Lamp with Bell-shaped Shade - Artwork
Mat-su-no-ke Vase - Artwork
Pokal - Artwork
Mosaic Plate with Fish Design - Artwork
Seaweed - Artwork
Large Rectangular Glass Table - Artwork
[Insect wing sketches] [art original]. - Library
Traveling Set with Decanter and Four Glasses - Artwork
The Righteous Shall Receive a Crown of Glory - Artwork
Whoso Loveth Knowledge Loveth Instruction - Artwork
Landscape Window - Artwork
Window - Artwork
Young Joseph - Artwork
Window from Rochroane Castle, Irvington-on-Hudson, New York - Artwork
Mosaic Stained Glass Window - Artwork
2 Stained Glass Window Panels - Artwork
[Insect wing sketches] [art original]. - Library
Holothuria tubulosa [art original] : Stephanomie. - Library
Obelia sphaerulina [art original]. - Library
Galls on Quercus alba [art original]. - Library
Doliolum denticulatum [art original] : Appendicularia flagellum. - Library
[Sketch of moth] [art original]. - Library
[Unidentified plant detail] [art original]. - Library
Melibe fimbriata [art original]. - Library
Lucernaria quadricornis [art original]. - Library
Xylocopa frontalis [art original]. - Library
Sacred Heart Plaque - Artwork
Pendant - Artwork
Magatama (Sacred Jewel) Amulet - Artwork
West Sky - Artwork
Seaweed - Artwork
Decline - Artwork
Soma - Artwork
Box Drum - Artwork
Snuff Bottle with Stopper-Cap - Artwork
Finger Ring - Artwork
Cup - Artwork
Large Rectangular Glass Table - Artwork
Beaker with Traveling Case - Artwork
Covered Stangenglas with Prunts - Artwork
Electrolier - Artwork
Half Oval Form of Plum Half - Artwork
Set of Six Wineglasses in Presentation Box - Artwork
Footed Bowl with Enameled Decoration - Artwork
Vase with Blue Flowers - Artwork
Tableware Set of 9 Blown Vessels - Artwork
Favrile “Morning Glory Paperweight” Vase - Artwork
Building Up Heat (BUH) - Video
Bowls, Part 1 - Video
Bowls, Part 2 - Video
The Punty - Video
Straightening - Video
Turning - Video
Tumblers, part 1 - Video
Tumblers, part 2 - Video
Chihuly Fern Green Tower Time Lapse - Video
Chihuly Fern Green Tower - Family - Video
How Tough Can Glass Be? - Video
Glass Tension and the Prince Rupert’s Drop - Video
Aquarium/Tank Microscope - Artwork
The Morgan Cup - Artwork
Vessel Shaped like Bird - Artwork
Sports Cup Depicting Gladiators - Artwork
4 Pyrex Mixing Bowls - Artwork
1-1/2 Pint Pyrex Casserole Dish with Lid - Artwork
1 Quart Pyrex Casserole Dish - Artwork
Pyrex Butter Dish with Original Package - Artwork
4 Pyrex Mixing Bowls - Artwork
Pyrex Butter Dish - Artwork
Pyrex Butter Dish with Lid - Artwork
Pyrex Butter Dish - Artwork
1-1/2 Quart Pyrex Casserole with Lid - Artwork
3 Pyrex Casserole Dishes - Artwork