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Collection Sets

Collection Sets

Explore 35 centuries of glass art and scholarship with over 200,000 glass collection objects and items from the Rakow Research Library available in the integrated Glass Collection and Library Collection Databases. Search, save and keep notes in your own Collection Sets. Also, explore themed tours created by the Museum.

The Journey of a Sandwich Glass Lamp. - Library
Warm Glass Studio Profile: Anne Nye's Watercolor Moments and Botanical Beauties. - Library
SGS (8) Olidobs
Sculptural Vessel - Artwork
Roemer - Artwork
Iguanazul - Artwork
Wineglass - Artwork
Pokal - Artwork
Wineglass - Artwork
Wineglass - Artwork
Wineglass (vetro a fili) - Artwork
Wineglass - Artwork
Pokal and Cover - Artwork
"Pokaali" Pokal - Artwork
Fragment - Artwork
Fragment of a foot and stem - Artwork
Wineglass - Artwork
Plate with Self-Portrait - Artwork
Animal with Double Cosmetic Tube - Artwork
Bowl - Artwork
Drinking Horn - Artwork
Bowl - Artwork
Mosaic Bowl - Artwork
Bottle with Scratched Decoration - Artwork
Bottle with Decoration of Ibexes - Artwork
The Corning Ewer - Artwork
Bowl - Artwork
Dish with Mule and Rider, and Animals - Artwork
2 Baby-Blue and White Buttons - Artwork
Flameworked Stages of a Cat - Artwork
The Cat - Artwork
The cat [art original]. - Library
Collectible cats : an identification & value guide / by Marbena "Jean" Fyke ; photos by Bob Fyke. - Library
9x9 lives : cat designs project book / designs and instruction, Stu Goldman. - Library
"Cat" Pitcher Prototype - Artwork
"A cat suit for a milk glass" - Artwork
Chat Assis (Sitting cat) - Artwork
Cat Fish - Artwork
Lagamar - Artwork
Pierrefonds - Artwork
Vichy - Artwork
Coq (Rooster) - Artwork
Oran - Artwork
Camille - Artwork
Béliers (Rams) - Artwork
Nanking - Artwork
Artichaut (Artichoke) - Artwork
Fauvettes (Warblers) - Artwork
Contacts III - Artwork
Bottle - Artwork
I Love Stripes - Artwork
Mind Over Matter - Artwork
Amphoriskos - Artwork
Rosette Plaque Inlay - Artwork
Guardian Angel - Artwork
Macaw Prototype - Artwork
Bombus Virginicus - Artwork
Butterfly Pendant - Artwork
Chartreuse Pair - Artwork
Medium Baseball Bat - Artwork
Saint-Hubert or Gazelles - Artwork
Circular Bead - Artwork
Paperweight with Flower - Artwork
Toilet Bottle (Unguentarium) - Artwork
Scent Bottle - Artwork
Flameworked Body of a Stag - Artwork
Tumbler - Artwork
Tetrahedron Paperweight - Artwork
Sprinkler - Artwork
Balloon Lungs - Artwork
Plate with "Goofus" Decoration - Artwork
Cameo Scent Bottle with Fruit - Artwork
"Swamp Monster" Prototype - Artwork
Jug - Artwork
Footed Egg Cup - Artwork
Small Footed Bowl - Artwork
Green Grapes - Artwork
Helicopter Christmas Ornament - Artwork
Ice Cream Cone - Artwork
Joker-J - Artwork
4 Pickle Dishes - Artwork
2 Dolphin Stem Compotes - Artwork
Juice Glass - Artwork
6 Christmas Ornaments - Artwork
Glass Tumbler - Artwork
Punch Cup - Artwork
Tumbler - Artwork
Roemer - Artwork
Christmas Ornament - Artwork
Model of a Plum - Artwork
Large Rectangular Glass Table - Artwork
Beaker with Traveling Case - Artwork
Covered Stangenglas with Prunts - Artwork
Electrolier - Artwork
Half Oval Form of Plum Half - Artwork
Set of Six Wineglasses in Presentation Box - Artwork
Footed Bowl with Enameled Decoration - Artwork
Vase with Blue Flowers - Artwork
Tableware Set of 9 Blown Vessels - Artwork
Favrile “Morning Glory Paperweight” Vase - Artwork
Collection Sets - Page
Crystal Art Piece CKA0314 - Artwork
Cream Pitcher, Peachblow - Artwork
Bell Jar Prototype - Artwork
Venetian Cochlea - Artwork
Bouchardon - Artwork
Water Towers - Artwork
Champagne Glass with Gold Stem - Artwork
2-part Sculpture - Artwork
Grille-panel - Artwork
Passing Through - Artwork
Geissler Tube - Artwork
Geissler Tube - Artwork
Reflection Series - Water Beads, Color Cone, Reticello - Artwork
Water Lilies #52 - Artwork
New Cathedral - Artwork
Shard Cornice - Artwork
Telescope - Artwork
Blue Twist - Artwork
Entrusted Fragility - Artwork