60 Years of Junior Curators: Interpreting the Past, Speaking to the Future


Education Lab Lobby
June 14, 2018 to January 31, 2019

In 1958, what did young people do for fun? What were the fashions? What were the important social issues of the day? And what did The Corning Museum of Glass mean to them?

A teen in 2018 packs as much into the moment as possible: meeting school deadlines, mastering the newest video game, keeping up with friends on social media, and planning for life after high school. All of this must be balanced amid the frenzy of mass media, school violence, and other social issues.

The 11 members of the Museum’s 2018 Junior Curator program also have been looking back at 60 years of the program — in which approximately 1,500 local students have participated — and considering what it might look like in 40 years when the program turns 100.

60 Years of Junior Curators, organized by the students in the program with a little help from CMoG staff, commemorates the 60th anniversary of the Junior Curator program, which is one of the longest running programs of its kind. The exhibition contains personal items, historical documents and photographs from the Museum’s archives, as well as a glass time capsule, titled Power Pill. The time capsule was designed by the Junior Curators with help from Brad Leiby, a local artist, and Jeff Mack, the Museum’s supervisor of Hot Glass Programs. An accompanying documentary video will show the journey of the current class of Junior Curators to document their process.

At the end of 2018, the selected items will be sealed in the time capsule, to be reopened in 2058 on the program’s 100th anniversary. The Junior Curators hope that Power Pill will represent the voices of young people in the Museum, including theirs, and that it will inspire generations to come.

2018 Junior Curators

Madelyn Beale
Piper Dean
Elana Drew
Shane Lehman
Frances Mack
Maheen Mukhtar
Victoria Riina
Caroline Rogers
Elizabeth Schumacher
Adesh Tiwari
Rachel Tsang