Founders of American Studio Glass: Dominick Labino


Rakow Research Library
November 17, 2011 to January 6, 2013

Founders of American Studio Glass: Dominick Labino presented documents selected from Labino’s extensive archive, held by the Rakow Research Library, and glass from the Museum’s collection. Materials ranged from copies of photographs of Labino’s “smallest engine” to samples of the Johns Manville #475 marbles that studio artists melted in their furnaces.

Labino strove to create new colors and to develop forms that express the fluid quality of glass. These goals are evident in his Emergence and Paperweight vase series. His “hot cast” sculptures were represented by sketches for Icosahedron, created for the Mathematical Sciences Building at Bowling Green (Ohio) State University.

Designs for glass machinery and samples of glass paper, yarn, and fiberglass illustrate Labino’s career in research and development at Johns Manville.

Together, these materials present a visual record of the rich and creative work of Dominick Labino, and showcases his contributions to the American Studio Glass movement, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2012.

Dichroic Bowl - Artwork
Vase - Artwork
Footed Tumbler - Artwork
Overflight - Artwork
Paperweight Vase - Artwork
Emergence Series - Artwork
Ionic Structure of Glass - Artwork