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Masters of Studio Glass: Richard Craig Meitner


West Bridge
April 4, 2009 to October 18, 2009

The intellectual, poetic, and always changing work of the American artist Richard Craig Meitner (b. 1949) reflects a variety of influences and ideas, from Japanese textiles and Italian painting and applied arts to science and the natural world. The colorless glass surfaces of his quixotic objects often incorporate assorted materials such as rust, enamel, bronze, tile, paint, and print. Meitner revels in unusual juxtapositions of forms and ideas, in unanswered questions, and in the intersections between art and science.

"Perhaps we can say that art and science are attempts, by very different methods, to get at the same truths.  Both are directed at finding out more about ourselves, and the universe we inhabit, by studying and recording. Science attempts to explain the universe by assuming causality, linear time, and the existence of hidden rules or patterns which, if diligent enough, we can discover and understand. Art attempts to explain the universe more intuitively, emotionally, and even magically. Science depends largely on the genius of the intellect, and art on the genius of the spirit."
—Richard Craig Meitner, Glass Art Society Journal (2001), p. 66.

Masters of %%Studio Glass%%: Richard Craig Meitner showcased a range of the artist’s work that is held in the Museum’s permanent collection, which includes early blown vessels, with graphic images made of fired enamels, to later multi-media sculptures. The 30 objects in the exhibition, dating from 1978 to 2001, spanned 23 years of the artist’s prolific career, and they showed the many facets of Meitner’s artistic vision.

The exhibition also presented one of Meitner’s installations, a series of four sculptures titled Ognico/Sahala/Suasta/Gione (For Everything There is a Season). This installation on the theme of the four seasons was commissioned for the Venezia Aperto Vetro exhibition in Venice, Italy in 1998.

Vials - Artwork
Untitled - Artwork
Wisdom - Artwork
Eddio ed Adam (God and Adam) - Artwork
Ognico - Artwork
Sahala - Artwork
Suasta - Artwork
Gione - Artwork
Meitnerium IV - Artwork
Untitled - Artwork