Masters of Studio Glass

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Masters of Studio Glass: Joel Philip Myers & Steven I. Weinberg


West Bridge
November 2, 2007 to October 19, 2008

Masters of Studio Glass: Joel Philip Myers and Steven I. Weinberg was the first in a series of focus exhibitions celebrating the diverse work of contemporary studio glass artists. It examined the careers of two well-respected artists whose objects reveal the unique ability of glass to offer a wide range of artistic expression.

In this show, Myers’s interest in the color and fluidity of glass was compared and contrasted with Weinberg’s investigation of the transparent and reflective qualities of the material.

While Myers explores vibrant color, and lack of color, in his painterly, blown vessels that acquire depth and density through the layering of pieces of glass onto the surface during the blowing process, Weinberg focuses on the optical qualities of the material, creating molded structures inside the glass that the viewer perceives from the outside, as if through a window.

Both artists work with the abstraction of natural forms, yet they approach the glass—choosing the qualities they wish to emphasize, and conceptualizing and constructing their work—in a distinctly different manner.

Myers and Weinberg have exhibited internationally and they are highly regarded as studio glass innovators. These masters have developed and advanced their respective techniques of glassblowing and kiln-casting by working with the material in increasingly complex ways.

The Masters of Studio Glass series aimed to widen the picture of contemporary art in glass, and to deepen the public’s appreciation and understanding of individual artists’ contributions to the studio glass community. Every object in this exhibition was drawn from the Museum’s permanent collection of contemporary glass.

LFNREDHGD 198518 - Artwork
Contiguous Fragment Series 8-151 - Artwork
Contiguous Fragment Series CFW2 1979 - Artwork
Hand Forms - Artwork
Hand Series - Artwork
Familius Domus #791006 - Artwork
Untitled #091006 - Artwork
Untitled #680501 - Artwork
Whale Rock Boat #201019 - Artwork
Buoy - Artwork