Masters of Studio Glass: Richard Marquis


Contemporary Glass Gallery
February 16, 2013 to February 2, 2014

Richard Marquis, glassblower and collector of beat-up, vintage objects, has had an extraordinary influence on the development of contemporary studio glass in America and around the world. His work is humorous, ironic, smart, and beautifully—some might say obsessively—made. As an artist, Marquis is admired for his understanding of color and form as much as for his humor and willingness to experiment. As a glassblower, he has influenced an entire generation of artists working in glass who aspire to his technical mastery and the originality of his vision.

This exhibition was part of the Corning Museum’s ongoing Masters of Studio Glass series developed to provide a platform for in-depth surveys of artists represented in the Museum’s permanent collection.

Marquiscarpa #26 - Artwork
Dust Pan #04-6 - Artwork
Squirrel Horn Construction - Artwork
Granulare Vase/Anvil (English Setter) - Artwork
Double-Handled Vessel - Artwork
Lord's Prayer Murrina - Artwork
Crazy Quilt Teapot #38 - Artwork
Mae West Cup with Cloth Carrying Case - Artwork
Potato Landscape Pitcher - Artwork
Grey Rock, Sky Blue Vase, Blue Teapot - Artwork