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Ben W. Heineman Sr. Family Gallery of Contemporary Glass

Ben W. Heineman Sr. Family Gallery of Contemporary Glass

The Museum’s Heineman gallery of contemporary glass focuses on vessels, objects, and sculptures made by international artists from 1975 to 2000, a period of 25 years that changed glass. The purpose of the gallery is to show the different ways in which glass is used in art, craft, and design. The gallery is named for the Heineman family, who donated a major collection of contemporary studio glass to the Museum in 2005, which has been integrated into the Museum’s holdings.

In this gallery, larger-scale sculpture is complemented by small-scale objects and functional and nonfunctional vessels in a variety of glassworking techniques, including blowing, casting, kiln forming, flameworking, laminating, stained glass, beading, and assemblage. The gallery features unique objects, rather than limited-edition or mass-produced products. All of the artists and designers represented in the gallery have advanced new glassmaking techniques, have developed new concepts for the material, or have somehow changed how we understand glass.

The shifting boundaries between contemporary craft, design, and art are reflected in the diverse works on display. While art and craft are rooted in the same source—the process of making—there are key differences. In the most general sense, craft emphasizes exemplary technique, function, and the individuality of the object, while design focuses on function, form, and reproducibility. Art is traditionally nonfunctional and expresses content or commentary that is meant to stimulate thought, present ideas, evoke memories, or inspire emotion.

Artists and designers represented may include the following. Because of ongoing gallery changes, works by these individuals may not always be on view.

  • Peter S. Aldridge
  • Michael Aschenbrenner
  • Larry Bell
  • Howard Ben Tré
  • William Bernstein
  • Sonja Blomdahl
  • György Buczkó
  • Robert Carlson
  • Bruce Chao
  • Dale Chihuly
  • Václav Cigler
  • Vittorio Costantini
  • Giselle Courtney
  • KéKé Cribbs
  • Angela Cummings
  • Gunnar Cyrén
  • Dan Dailey
  • Laura de Santillana
  • Laura Donefer
  • Fritz Dreisbach
  • Erwin Eisch
  • Michael Glancy
  • Mieke Groot
  • Dorothy Hafner
  • Jiří Harcuba
  • Sam Herman
  • Judy Hill
  • Brian Hirst
  • Franz X. Höller
  • David R. Huchthausen
  • Ulrica Hydman-Vallien
  • Toshio Iezumi
  • Marian Karel
  • Robert Kehlmann
  • Dominick Labino
  • John Leighton
  • Robert Levin
  • Stanislav Libenský and Jaroslava Brychtová
  • Jacqueline Irène Lillie
  • Marvin Lipofsky
  • Věra Lišková
  • Harvey K. Littleton
  • Maria Lugossy
  • Flora C. Mace and Joey Kirkpatrick
  • Linda MacNeil
  • Ivan Mareš
  • Dante Marioni
  • Paul Marioni
  • Richard Marquis
  • Richard Craig Meitner
  • Robert Mickelsen
  • James Minson
  • Klaus Moje
  • Benjamin P. Moore
  • William Morris
  • Jay Musler
  • Joel Philip Myers
  • Dennis Oppenheim
  • Jane Osborn-Smith
  • Tom Patti
  • Mark Peiser
  • Susan Plum
  • Richard Posner
  • Narcissus Quagliata 
  • Clifford Rainey
  • Seth Randal
  • Colin Reid
  • Gerhard Ribka
  • Richard Ritter
  • Ann Robinson
  • René Roubíček
  • Ginny Ruffner
  • Ludwig Schaffrath
  • Joyce J. Scott
  • Mary Shaffer
  • Buster Simpson
  • Josh Simpson
  • Bořek Šípek
  • Paul Stankard
  • Robert Sowers
  • Judith Schaechter
  • Ettore Sottsass
  • Therman Statom
  • Lino Tagliapietra
  • Cappy Thompson
  • Gianni Toso
  • Karla Trinkley
  • Dana Vachtová
  • Bertil Vallien
  • František Vízner
  • Robert Willson
  • Christopher Wilmarth
  • Ann Wolff
  • Natascha Wolters
  • Toots Zynsky

In the Heineman Gallery Landing and other areas in the Museum:

  • Bernard Dejonghe
  • Andrew Erdos
  • Bert Frijns
  • Eric Hilton
  • Vladimír Kopecký
  • Sherry Markovitz
  • Anna Mlasowsky
  • Klaus Moje
  • Jill Reynolds 
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Commemorative Pokal Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the 1962 Toledo Glass Workshops and Fritz Dreisbach's 30 Years of Working with Glass - Artwork