1997 Rakow Commission Artist: Ann Wolff

Ann Wolff (1997)

Untitled - Ann Wolff

The Silent

Ann Wolff (German, b. 1937)
Sweden, Kosta, 1997
Kiln-cast glass; stone base
H: 19.2 cm, W: 16.4 cm, D: 30.2 cm
97.3.38, 12th Rakow Commission

An acclaimed designer and studio artist, Ann Wolff has spent most of her adult life living and working in Transjö, Sweden. For many years, she designed for the Kosta Boda glassworks, during which time she also pursued an independent career as a studio artist.

The subject of Wolff's blown and engraved bowls and cast sculptures is the life of women, and her work rarely strays from that exploration. The relationships between women as friends, and as mothers and daughters, and the role of women in society deeply concern her. Wolff writes: "It is natural to take oneself as one's starting point. The situation of women partly determines who I am and leads me to pose particular questions."

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