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1986 Rakow Commission Artist: Douglas Anderson

Douglas Anderson (1986)

Finders Creepers - Douglas Anderson

Finders Creepers

Douglas Anderson (American, b. 1952)
United States, Warsaw, Ohio, 1986
Pâte de verre
H: 9.5 cm, W: 37 cm, L: 75 cm
86.4.98, 1st Rakow Commission

In the mid 1980s, Finders Creepers was one of the largest and most complex examples of pâte de verre sculpture to be attempted by an American artist. Doug Anderson modeled the individual elements of this sculpture, which includes leaves and insects, from life. Pâte de verre (literally "glass paste") is a casting technique in which granulated glass (frit) is placed in a mold and heated and fused inside of a kiln. Pâte de verre is easily recognized by its typically "sugary" surface and subtle, yet distinct and often complicated, coloration.