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Live-Streamed Studio Demonstration: Emilio Santini

The Studio
August 24, 2016 11:00am to 12:00pm
Detail of untitled work by Emilio Santini

Watch as Emilio Santini demonstrates for his class, Flameworking for Everybody, which will use colored rods and tubing to create objects, such as blown beads, ornaments, goblets, and human figures. No registration or fee is required to watch this portion of the class. Check back on August 24 to watch.

Unable to watch the live stream? Each demonstration will be added to our YouTube channel. See the full listing of past live-streamed demonstrations, and check back for new videos soon.


Emilio Santini working glass at a torch (photo credit: Adam Ewing)

Emilio Santini

Emilio Santini is originally from Murano, Italy, and comes from a family with centuries of tradition in glass blowing. His glass work spans from lamp-working to glass blowing, from casting to diamond point engraving.