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Meet the Artist: Isabel De Obaldía

October 16, 2009
Isabel De Obaldía - Rey del Cenote

De Obaldía, who lives and works in Panama City, Republic of Panama, is an experienced artist. She has studied and worked with a diverse range of media, from drawing, painting and graphic design, to architecture, cinematography, and, most recently, glass casting and engraving.

Her distinctive paintings and sculptures incorporate symbols and ideas from ancient Panamanian, Colombian, and Costa Rican art, and her powerful images in glass also draw on ancient and tribal art. Her totemic, sand-cast animals, colored with glass powders and engraved with raw cuts and gashes, appear massive, powerful, and shamanic. In the United States, De Obaldía exhibits at Mary-Anne Martin Fine Art, New York City.

Museum Members are invited to attend a lecture by 2009 Rakow Commission artist, Isabel De Obaldía, presented during the Museum’s Annual Seminar on Glass. The lecture will be followed by a reception and preview of the commission. Both the reception and lecture are free to Members (an admission fee is charged for other Seminar lectures).