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The Corning Museum of Glass is temporarily closed as we do our part to limit the spread of COVID-19. All previously scheduled classes, events, and programs are cancelled until further notice.

Glass Breaking Demo

Glass Breaking Demo

Here’s the one area of the Museum where we actually encourage visitors to break glass! The Glass Breaking Demo is a 15-minute demo that explores how glass breaks and why. The demo is included in the cost of admission. See schedule.

Ever wonder why the glass in your car windows breaks different from the windows in your home? Or how bullet-resistant glass is made? Demonstrators show how glass can become stronger or weaker depending on how it is heated or cooled—and how this phenomenon affects the way it breaks.

The Glass Breaking Demo takes place in the Windows Gallery of the Innovation Center, where you can meet the inventors who struggled to make windows that were bigger, flatter, stronger, and less distorted. Explore glass made for space shuttle windows, glass made for computer screens, and more.