Hot Glass Demos at the Museum

At the Museum

Hot Glass Demos are live, narrated glassblowing demonstrations, offered all day, every day. All demos are included in the cost of admission. Allow 30 minutes per demonstration; the duration of special demos may vary.  View the Daily Schedule for demonstration times. 

You’ll see master glassmakers take glowing gobs of molten glass on the end of a pipe and skillfully shape them into vases, bowls, or sculptures. A narrator talks through the process, and cameras inside the 2300°F furnace ensure you don’t miss a single step along the way. Watching the gaffers (another term for master glassmakers) at Hot Glass Demos will give you a unique appreciation for the skill and artistry behind the objects you’ll encounter in the Museum’s galleries. The glassblowing technique was discovered by the Romans around 50 B.C. and many of the techniques and tools used by glassmakers today have been used for thousands of years.

The demonstrators on the Hot Glass Demo are some of the best glassmakers around. They love to share their fascination with this mysterious and mesmerizing material, demonstrate their artistry and answer your questions.

Learn about the Master Glassblowers

Man with short dark hair wearing safety glasses works a large piece of glass on the end of a punty.
Hot Glass Mobile Team Leader
Well-known for his fantastically large sculptures, George Kennard appreciates the limitless opportunities of manipulating molten glass. He prefers to create massive incalmo works by joining two blown glass bubbles to make different bands of color,...
Chris Rochelle
Hot Glass Projects Team Leader
Chris Rochelle enjoys the constant, steady focus that forming glass demands. A common thread in his work is creating tight forms with clean edges and lines, which he was trained to do throughout his time as a production glassmaker. With a love for...
Helen Tegeler
From growth patterns, developmental structures, and surface textures, Helen Tegeler feels there are infinite design possibilities when interpreting nature in glass. She loves exploring seeds in particular and the potential they hold for great change...