Renting at The Studio


Many of The Studio's spaces are open for rental when there are no classes or other events in progress. We have a state-of-the-art dedicated rental hot shop with a 1,000-lb. furnace, flameworking studio, kiln studio, cold shop, and photography studio. Rental times must be booked in advance. Pre-purchased rental time expires after two calendar years from last use. Bookings are taken Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm. See the chart below for rental rates. Call The Studio at +1 (607) 438-5335 or +1 (607) 368-2475 or stop in to schedule rental time.

Calendar is updated daily; click on a month to see availability.

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Hourly Rental Rates
    9 hours or less Prepay 10 to 29 hours = 10% discount Prepay 30 hours or more = 20% discount
Flameworking Torch Flameworking Torch $16.00 $14.40 $12.80
Medium glory hole Medium glory hole - 17" $40.00 $36.00 $32.00
Large glory hole Large glory hole - 22" $47.00 $42.30 $37.60
Cold Shop Cold shop $21.00 $18.90 $16.80
Photo Room Photo Room $21.00 $18.90 $16.80
Kiln Shop Kiln Shop Rental $46, $67, $82 per kiln (size)/day; Please contact The Studio for more information
Hot Shop Propane Torch Hot Shop Propane Torch $2.75 / hour in use or on pilot.


Notes: Failure to clean up after your rental time will result in a $50 fee.

Failure to cancel scheduled hotshop rental time at least 24 hours in advance will result in a $80 cancellation/no show fee. For cancellations, call the main office at +1 (607) 438-5100 (if you do not reach a live person, please call +1 (607) 368-2475).

Failure to report propane usage will result in a billing for all hours rented.

Additional Notes

  • There is no refund for cancellation of prepaid rentals; unused prepaid time expires two years from last rental. All rental time must be paid for before beginning to work, or guaranteed with a credit card, excluding extra charges. All bills must be settled within three days. Renters must settle any unpaid charges before booking future rentals.
  • Hot shop rental includes the use of one glory hole, furnace, pipewarmer, and annealer for an overnight cycle. An additional fee is required for annealing longer than overnight. It includes 10 lbs of glass/hour. More than the allotted glass will be charged at $3.25/lb. of glass removed from the furnace and will include the work, crackoff, and drip off. Renters are responsible for segregating their glass if they suspect they will go over their allotment.
  • Lamp shop rental includes the use of one torch and one hand torch.
  • Kiln rental includes up to a 24-hour cycle. More than a 24-hour cycle will be billed in six-hour increments.
  • All rentals require purchasing blocks of time, paying before you begin, or guaranteeing your payment with a credit card. Exit forms are available for all rentals, and returning them is required for accurate billing and time deductions.