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Specialty Glass Residency

Specialty Glass Residency

The Specialty Glass Residency was a focused artist residency program jointly run by the Corning Museum of Glass and Corning Incorporated. The program ran between 2014 - 2020 and has been placed on indefinite hold in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

When running, the residency enabled artists to explore the adaptation of specialty glass materials for the creation of new work. Corning, which has developed and patented more than 150 specialty glass formulations, provided the resident artist with access to specialty glass, as well as access to staff with technical expertise in glass formulation, melting, and forming. The Corning Museum of Glass provided access to its extensive resources, including its glassmaking facilities and collection. The resident artist worked closely with the Museum’s glassmakers, research scientists, curators, and other staff to better understand glass and its historical and artistic contexts. It is our hope to revisit the program in the future and we will update our information when we are able.

Specialty Residency


Inspired by Renaissance and Baroque still-life paintings, Beth Lipman takes elements from these paintings—static composition, expressive light, and opulent decoration—and translates the scenes into glass sculptures. Every object created, whether broken, “flawed,” or “perfect” is incorporated into...


Mark Peiser saw himself in many roles before turning to glass: a designer and architectural model maker, a pianist, and a builder of harpsichords among other things. But when none of those provided the fulfillment he craved, it was a series of unforeseen coincidences that eventually led him to...


Karen LaMonte believes the the primacy of material, concept and craftsmanship. She has a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. Her works are widely held in museum collections and have been recognized for excellence by many institutions such as the Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Biennial...


Growing up, German artist Anna Mlasowsky wanted to be an archaeologist. Instead, she focused her curiosity on studying the traditions and habits of glassmaking. “The way we evaluate a material and use its properties is defined by preconceived opinions and boundaries set by traditions,” says...

During a college visit to the Rhode Island School of Design, Toots Zynsky was entranced by the collaboration of glassmakers moving in a concert-like form. And so she was drawn to glass as a medium to explore her love of dance and music. Her work still often coincides with her fascination of sound...


Tom Patti has been working in glass since the 1960s, and has received international attention for his small-scale sculptural glass works and large-scale public commissions, which integrate the aesthetic and technical concerns of glass. Unlike many Studio Glass pioneers of his generation, Patti did...


Albert Paley, an active artist for more than 40 years at his studio in Rochester, New York, is the first metal sculptor to receive the coveted Institute Honors awarded by the American Institute of Architects, the AIA’s highest award to a non-architect. “The allure of Paley’s art comes through its...

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