Video Series from The Studio

Video Series

The Studio produces several video series that offer in-depth looks at techniques, master artists, and properties and processes of glass. Most videos are on the Museum's YouTube channel and all DVDs are available for sale through the Museum Shops

Live Studio Demonstrations presented by Studio Instructors are archived on the Museum's YouTube channel.

Processes & Properties Clips

Videos from The Techniques of Renaissance Venetian Glassworking and The Techniques of Renaissance Venetian-Style Glassworking


This video series, produced by Academy and Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker Robin Lehman for The Corning Museum of Glass, captures the drama and intensity of glass masters at work.

Master Class

The Studio produces a series of videotapes titled "Master Classes from The Studio of The Corning Museum of Glass." These 30-minute videos present a portrait of an artist and teaches the viewer a glassworking technique. Each video is a must for glass collectors and aspiring glass artists. The videos, priced $19.95 per DVD each, are available in the Museum Shops.


This video series is designed to give beginners a solid foundation in various glassworking techniques.

Glassworking: Processes & Properties

This educational video archive presents more than 40 short segments on the various techniques employed by glassworkers: blowing, flameworking, cold working, and casting. Objects are introduced, followed by the processes that were used to make them. Other topics include the composition of glass, glass coloring, and annealing.