108 meditations in saffron [slide].

108 meditations in saffron [slide].

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Chatt, David, 1960-
[Seattle, Wash.], 2006.
glass, beadwork ; 66 cm. x 83.8 cm. x 10.1 cm.
Oldknow, Tina.
Hlaveš, Milan.
Mulcahy, Kathleen.
Other Authors: 
Burger, Harriet. photographer
Format of Material: 
Slides & Transparencies
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Call Number: 
Chatt, David. : NGR 28, entry no. 099.1.06 : 2000 BIB 120938
Rights & Reproduction Master Collection
Call Number: 
NGR 28, no. 11
Description in New Glass Review: Glass beadwork, assembled.
Description in CMoG glass object database; Red-orange glass beads, thread, 108 found objects; assembled on rectangular black backing board. The artwork consists of 108 found objects that have been covered in individual threaded nets of red-orange glass beads. The objects are arranged by the artist in a specific configuration that may be square (white background) or rectangular (black background). Complete list of found objects, per the artist, is as follows: bottle cap, flip top cap as would be found on an inhaler, electric wire cap, pencil, construction debris, pacifier grip, bottle cap, washer, hang tag, construction debris, pencil, nail with plastic collar, soda can pull, lens from glasses, cap, paddle lock, reflector, soda can pull, pull sleeve from lid of plastic bottle, bladder from squeaky toy, cap, holder for a mini blind valance, hospital ID bracelet, golf tee, cap, hook used to hold retail item on wire display rack, motel room key identifier, foam from inside a hair curler, half of plastic Easter egg, wiffle ball, address book, guitar pick, battery cover for cell phone, liquor bottle, bottle cap, ring that holds cap to bottle, champagnes cork holder, Lego brick, section of hardware cloth, construction debris, cap, feather in circular plastic container that has the artist's signature etched on top, nail with plastic grip, needle cover from syringe, plastic flower, syringe, rubber ring, plastic disc, perhaps from a toy, cap from hardware bottle (small nails?), flip top from plastic candy dispenser, red glass bead on nail, cone shaped cap from top of tube, red felt ring, C-clamp, ammunition cartridge for cap-gun, plant identity tag holder, push pin, rail road yard debris, ticket, foam pad, folded Tootsie-Pop wrapper, pacifier, American flag decal, hair holder, ""Try-Me” sample button from adult toy, dental floss wand, tasting spoon, hair clip, shower curtain ring, plastic bead, balloon, wine cork, finger cod, orange plastic triangle cap, ring that holds cap to bottle, disposable knife, container for disposable ear plugs, key, plastic ball, broken auto light, lip balm, plum pit, rolled up orange tape, ammunition cartridge for cap gun, unidentifiable debris, pencil eraser, clip on book marker, paper clip, electrical cap, wood tasting spoon, zipper pull, gum packaging, broken end of tooth brush, cigar mouth piece, rubber label, marble, unidentified detritus, crushed pencil, pull off ring for plastic cap, parakeet bell, cap with keeper attachment, felt tip marker cap, spray tip from aerosol can, eye drop dispenser, construction debris, quarter, ear plug, and a bobby pin.
Description from entry form: Beadwork.
Object discussed in Jury Statement by Milan Hlaveš.
Object discussed in Jury Statement by Tina Oldknow.
Technique: Assembling.
Type: Installation.
Image orientation: landscape.
Published in: New Glass Review 28, p. 10, no. 11.
Master slide condition:
Slide condition:
Copies in drawer: 1
Nationality: American
New Glass Review 28; entry no. 0099.1.06
New Glass Review winner ; NGR 28 no. 11
Object/Material Note: 
Image of CMoG object: 2010.4.125
Published in New Glass Review Jury Statement: AI75160, p. 69, 74