De situ orbis [manuscsript] / Guarini Veronensis in Strabonis cretensis libros ad Nicolaum Qui[n]tu[m] pontifice[m] maximu[s] praepato.

De situ orbis [manuscsript] / Guarini Veronensis in Strabonis cretensis libros ad Nicolaum Qui[n]tu[m] pontifice[m] maximu[s] praepato.
[ca. 1465]
[320] leaves ; 42 cm.
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Guarino, Veronese, 1374-1460, tr.
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G87.S9 J
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Translated by Guarinus Veronensis.
Manuscript on paper.
Initial capital letters are lacking.
Manuscript was flooded in 1972. Frozen, freeze-dried at the Library of Congress. Original stamped leather cover removed from old wooden boards. Leather treated with neat's-foot oil and lanolin. Leaves sewed on raised cords with unbleached linen thread. Cords laced into holes in new all-rag boards. All-rag handmade end papers sewed onto book with unbleached linen thread. Hand sewed headband constructed with unbleached linen thread. Book covered in Hewit calfskin. Old leather paneled into covers. Original clasps reattached to front board. New metal clasps contructed of brass, attached to strap of leather fastened to back board. Original bosses reattached to front board. Leather treated with potassium lactate solution and neat's-foot oil and lanolin. Folding cloth box with flannel linings constructed for book. June 1978, Carolyn Horton Associates.
Digitized by Boston Photo Imaging in September 2009.
Pre-flood information from library cards: "Written in red ink, rubrics in lighter red, title in Roman capitals in blue. Initial spaces, spaces for Greek. Greek and Latin marginal glosses in red in various contemporary hands. Lacunae in Greek text noted, usually 'Defectus in graeco'. 2 marginal outline maps: fol. 303 recto, delta of the Nile; fol. 313 recto, Ethiopia. Signed at end: Íe̳pẃnu̳mos̳é̳u̳pa̳ve̳ [illeg.] (Hieronymus). Glossy paper, watermark of eight-petalled flower (Lombardy, 3rd quarter 15th century). Contemporary binding of brown morocco, blind knotwork tooling on sides, five brass bosses on front engraved with the arms of Galeazzo Maria Sforza-Visconti [THIS HAS NOT BEEN VERIFIED], duke of Milan, on center boss the Visconti serpent, remains of brass and velvet clasps, the brass with the Visconti arms, gilt gauffered edges (restored). Bound, and probably written for Galeazzo Sforza-Visconti [THIS HAS NOT BEEN VERIFIED]."
Marginal glosses, maps, and signature were washed out from the flood. Only a few faint partial letters of the signature can still be seen.
Glass: Book 4, chapt. 5, line 3 (imports/exports of glass vessels from Keltica); Book 16, chapt. 2, line 25 (Egyptian sand used in glassmaking); Book 17, chapt. 1, line 8 (hyalus [i.e. glass] coffin of Alexander the Great), chapt. 2, line 3 (Ethiopian use of hyalus coffins).