[No. 450, no. 449, no. 446, no. 447] [art original]

[No. 450, no. 449, no. 446, no. 447] [art original]
Blaschka, Leopold, 1822-1895.
1 art original : ink, pencil, watercolor on paper ; 41 x 32 cm.
Other Authors: 
Blaschka, Rudolf, 1857-1939.
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Prints & Drawings
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Range 145, Bay 5, Shelf 5, Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka collection, Box 48 (previously Box 8, Folder 78)
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No call number available
Variant Title: 
[Glaucus longicirrus, Glaucus lincatus, Glaucilla briarcus, Glaucilla marginata]
[Glaucus longicirrus, Nr. 450 ; Glaucus lincatus, Nr. 449 ; Glaucilla briarcus, Nr. 446 ; Glaucilla marginata, Nr. 447]
This item is in the Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka collection.
This drawing was previously located in Box 8, Folder 78 prior to matting; dimensions including mat are 51 x 41 cm.
Blaschka catalog #450, Glaucus longicirros ; #449 Glaucus lineatus, Reinhardt ; #446, Glaucilla briareus, Reinhardt ; #447, Glaucilla marginata.
Mollusca / Gasteropoda / Glaucidae et Proctonotidae.
Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka collection
Digitized by Boston Photo Imaging May 2011.
c. 1 condition reviewed 20150731 Moya Dumville of Westlake Conservators, Ltd. Keep light levels as low as possible, no higher than 15 footcandles. Minimize exposure to ultraviolet light with appropriate filters. Ensure cases and frames are enclosed and objects are housed in archival window mats.
Displayed in the exhibition titled "Fragile Legacy: The Marine Invertebrate Models of Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka" on display from May 14, 2016 to January 8, 2017.
Color drawings of 4 sea creatures.
Artist tentatively identified by Peter Vanderputte.
Blaschka design drawings. Marine invertebrates
Object/Material Note: 
Published in Drawing upon nature : studies for the Blaschkas glass models, by Susan M. Rossi-Wilcox and David Whitehouse: 98376, p. 65 QH324.8 .R83.
Glaucus lincatus published in A sea of glass, by Drew Harvell: 163790, p. 9.
Published in Sea creatures in glass : the Blaschka marine animals at Harvard, by Elizabeth R. Brill and Florian Huber: 150089, p. 14.