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Fire & Vine Grouping

Goblet with Stem, probably the Eastern Mediterranean (ancient Byzantine Empire), sometime between 400–500. 59.1.5, gift of Prince Pini di San Miniato; Goblet, probably in Venice, Italy, or possibly France, sometime between 1600–1700. 79.3.1107, gift of The Ruth Bryan Strauss Memorial Foundation; Wineglass in "RC 105" Pattern, H. P. Sinclaire and Company (glass blank),

J. Hoare & Company (glass cutting), Corning, New York, United States, about 1912. 93.4.72 D, gift of Thurman Pierce; White Wine Glass, Cristalerias Rigolleau, Buenos Aires, Argentina, sometime between 1950–1951. 51.5.26 D, gift of Cristalerias Rigolleau; Goblet, Yasuko Ujiie (born 1947), Tokyo, Japan, 1984. 85.6.2 A.