Photography and Videography Policy

Photography and Videography Policy

Thank you for your interest in using The Corning Museum of Glass as a backdrop for your project. Please review and adhere to the following guidelines. Questions can be directed to [email protected].

General Visitor/Non-Commercial

Personal-use photography is welcomed and encouraged in all public spaces including galleries, Hot Glass Demos, The Studio and the Rakow Library. The following guidelines pertain to those who purchase general Museum admission.

  • During Museum hours only. Regular admission rates apply. Flash photography, selfie sticks, and tripods are prohibited in all Museum spaces.
  • For safety and security reasons, drones are not permitted anywhere on the Museum campus.
  • Be mindful of other visitors when taking photos, and do not block walkways or stairwells, or endanger any works of art.
  • Images may not be sold, published, or used to promote any outside product or service.
  • Social media sharing is encouraged! Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Special Occasion Photography

  • Prom, yearbook, and graduation photography must take place during Museum hours: Admission must be paid, and all portraits must be shot without a tripod and in natural light only, unless prior approval has been obtained. No storage of personal items or clothing bags is allowed, and no large equipment bags are permitted in the galleries.
  • We cannot accommodate wedding and engagement photography, nor commercial fashion shoots in our galleries.

Permission must be requested for the following professional and/or commercial photography or video inside and outside the Museum. 

Photo Request Form

Commercial Photography/Videography

This type of photography involves anything that is produced for publication or promotional use.

  • Please complete the request form with all pertinent details 4–6 weeks prior to your desired shoot date. Please allow 5–10 business days for processing of your request.
  • Commercial photography requires written permission of the President & Executive Director.
  • If approved, a fee and schedule will be determined by the Museum.
  • An escort and security will be determined based on complexity of request.
  • Stairwells, entrances, and exits to public spaces must remain open at all times.
  • The Corning Museum of Glass reserves the right to approve final content for anything in which the Museum will appear, either by name or by visual representation.


Commercial shoot rates start at $2,000 for 1–4 hours, and $1,000 for each additional hour. Final cost will be determined based on project complexity.

We require a Certificate of Insurance for Public Liability Insurance in the minimum amount of $3 million, combined single limit for bodily injury and property damage naming The Corning Museum of Glass, 1 Museum Way, Corning, NY 14830, as additionally insured.

Please note that we will not close any part of the Museum during opening hours to accommodate commercial shoots. All interior shoots must take place while the Museum is closed to the public.

For corporate headshot photography, please contact us.

News Media
All requests must be made to and approved by the Public Relations Team.

  • We ask that inquiries be made to [email protected] at least 5 business days in advance. We will do our best to accommodate those that are made in less time.
  • An escort and security will be determined based on complexity of request.
  • All media visits require a staff escort.
  • Media can browse our Press Images or contact the Public Relations Team for a specific request: [email protected].
  • Pre-produced Museum b-roll is available upon request.

Student Photography or Film Projects

Student projects that involve photography or video in the galleries are welcome but must be preapproved by the Public Relations Team.

  • Please fill out the request form at least one week in advance of your desired shoot date.
  • If you are requesting an interview, please allow more time. Interviews are based on availability.
  • Projects must be for academic purposes only and must not be made available for public consumption unless preapproved by the Public Relations staff.

Interested in using a photo or video supplied by the Museum?

  • Media can browse our Press Images or contact the Public Relations Team for a specific request. Downloaded photos or photos supplied through PR should be for publication in newspapers, magazines, or a media outlet. Unless otherwise specified, all images are “Courtesy of The Corning Museum of Glass.”
  • Pre-produced Museum b-roll is available upon request.
  • All other requests for photography or video should be made to the Museum’s Rights & Reproductions Team via the online request form or emailing [email protected].

Museum-Sponsored Videography and Photography

The Corning Museum of Glass may conduct photoshoots in our public spaces for promotional or educational purposes. The Museum also conducts live streams of hot glass demonstrations, indicated by filming signage placed in designated spaces. By visiting The Corning Museum of Glass, you consent to allowing the Museum to use your likeness, voice, or video image for these purposes.