Gallery Activity Sheets

Gallery Activity Sheets

Be a Glass Detective with our Gallery Activity Sheets. Our gallery activities encourage kids (and adults!) to be glass detectives throughout the museum's galleries. Each activity sheet is downloadable as a PDF file below. Print them out and bring them with you, and don't forget a pencil (no pens allowed)!

Glass Detectives: Garden Hunt
There are many flowers in the Glass Collection Galleries. As you go through the galleries, use this activity sheet to find them.

Glass Detectives: Animal Hunt
Search for animal shapes and pictures. Sketch your favorite glass animal.

Glass Detectives: Harvest Hunt
Explore the Glass Collection Galleries to find glass related to the harvest season. 

Glass Detectives: Winter Wonders Hunt
As you go through the galleries, you’ll see many objects that remind you of the winter season.

Glass Detectives: Carder Gallery Hunt
What inspired Frederick Carder's glass designs?