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The Corning Museum of Glass: A Decade of Glass Collecting, 1990–1999

Dedicated to the history, art, and manufacture of glass, the Museum opened in May 1951 with a collection of just over 2,000 objects. Today, it boasts a stunning, comprehensive array of more than 45,000 works that document, often with outstanding examples, every period and place in which glassmaking has flourished.

This book records the growth of the Museum’s collection in the 1990s. The nearly 200 objects, which range in date from the last few centuries B.C. to the present, include both useful objects and works of art. They encompass tableware, mosaics, jewelry, stained glass, lighting devices, and furniture. Many of these objects were acquired as gifts. The book, therefore, is not only a visual feast, but also a tribute to the many benefactors who have enriched the collection.

The objects are grouped by date and provenance, and each section of the book is preceded by a brief introduction. The volume also contains a general introduction that discusses the Museum’s collecting policy, a list of donors, and an index of artists, designers, and factories.

With informative captions and an introductory text by David Whitehouse, former executive director of The Corning Museum of Glass, A Decade of Glass Collecting is a treat for glass collectors and an invaluable reference for scholars, dealers, and students.

Published in association with Harry N. Abrams Inc. Publishers, New York.




128 pages, 212 color illustrations
David Whitehouse
Publication Year: 

The Corning Museum of Glass: A Decade of Glass Collecting, 1990–1999