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Emile Gallé: Dreams into Glass

This book features forty objects representing the work of the Art Nouveau glassmaker Emile Gallé, and explains the influence of nature, impressionism, and symbolism and the imaginative use of many glassmaking techniques.  Included are translations of Gallé’s own writings on many of the objects.

Says the author: “The photographs and catalog…portray a man of his time who probed beyond his time and one who both drew from glass and imposed his philosophy upon it. Gallé makes us look at his vases not only as fantastic works of art but as purveyors of his own heightened sense of the symbolism of nature and the value of human endeavor.”

This catalog was made to accompany a special exhibition of Gallé s work in 1984.

191 pages., 117 color and 6 black and white illustrations
William Warmus
Publication Year: 

Emile Gallé: Dreams into Glass