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Glass Beads: Selections from The Corning Museum of Glass

Fifty of the finest beads and beaded objects at The Corning Museum of Glass are presented in this volume, a selection that is meant to provide an overview of the collection of glass beads.

Today, glass beads are often thought of in terms of adornment, as pieces of jewelry meant to accessorize a wardrobe or sewn into articles of clothing to make them more splendid. But their meaning in the past, and to different cultures around the globe, is more significant. They represent wealth; they symbolize gender and family relationships; they indicate social status; they carry meaning through their color and patterning. The objects celebrated in this book convey some of these deeper meanings and are explored in terms of their cultural source, their manufacturing technique, and the manner in which they were meant to be used. These entries are not intended to be an exhaustive survey on beads, but rather an assessment that may inspire the reader to seek more information in the specialistic literature on beads.

Adrienne V. Gennett, with contributions by Tina Oldknow
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Glass Beads